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Canadian Maple Shack Inc.

Edmonton and surroundings

The real Canadian experience

Canadian maple shack Inc.

Canadian maple syrup maple sugar maple candy maple products maple taffy on snow maple cotton candy

BOOK your maple taffy on snow also called "sugaring off" party for your school, business or community TODAY.

Our maple shack is MOBILE. We go to you, pop-up the tent, set up, make our own snow, boil the syrup on site.

We provide all the material for your school tutorials.

WHAT WE OFFER for school activities:

  • Maple taffy on snow for everyone
  • Music and entertainment at the tent
  • Spoon playing tutorial
  • Video of the sugar shack and the making of maple syrup
  • Costumes and spoons
  • "Winter carnaval" costume
  • Prizes for school activities (t-shirts, tote bags, candy)
  • Support with the planning of your day
  • Fire pit rental
  • Log pull race
  • "new" tug-o-war rope
  • "new" can toss
  • "new" burlap sack race
  • "new"voyageur diary

Impress your school, your employees, your international clients or guests.

Be the one to throw the best community event

Offer them a unique experience of Canada's oldest continuing tradition.

We also offer:

  • Maple cotton candy
  • Hard maple candy
  • Sugar maple candy
  • Maple popcorn
  • Pre-wrapped taffy sticks