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Ice on Whyte festival

This coming week-end is the last one of a wonderful festival.
We had such a great time last week-end and have been looking forward to this all week.
The weather is beautiful, people are happy.So nice to see parents and grandparents and their little ones smiling and having fun.
The ice sculptures are just sooooo impressive. And the volunteers, oh my god these people have been there all week through some very cold weather and they are still going  with big smile on their faces. All volunteers make sure to stop by our tent this week end for some cotton candy and maple taffy on snow.

Ice on Whyte festival

This year we will be participating in an awesome winter festival. Carved Ice sculptures, skating fun for the whole family. Lots and lots of activities for kids. All of this right downtown.
Of course we will have out  tent up, because winter carnival in Canada means MAPLE SYRUP ON SNOW also know as maple taffy, sugaring off, or as the french call it'' LA TIRE ''.

The sugar shack orCabane a sucreis where maple syrup is harvested as maple sap and boiled to be transformed into maple syrup, sugar or candy.

Ice on whyte festival

Hey everybody!!!!
This year for the first time we will be at the Ice on Whyte winter festival.
We are bringing the traditional maple taffy on snow to you or you may also know it as sugaring off or Cabane  a sucre.
Be sure to visit their website for a calendar of events, fun for the whole family.
We will be on site on both week-ends from 11 am to 8 pm.
The maple taffy on snow hours will be at Noon 3pm and 6 pm. Tickets will be on sale at our tent all day.

Ice on Whyte

Looking for a fun thing to do over the week-end?
Ice on Whyte festival will be the place to bring the family, friends or even a date.
This year's 10th annual Ice on Whyte Festival takes place January 25 – February 3, 2013 and...we will be there.
The Canadian maple shack will be bringing to you a piece of our heritage, the  traditional maple taffy on snow, also known as ¨sugaring off¨ or Cabane a sucre.
What is this you say?
Taffy on snow is the traditional way to enjoy maple syrup.

Santa's little helper shopping extravaganza Edmonton

Sunday Nov 18 we will be at the Edmonton's Santa's little helper shopping extravaganza.
Come get some of our awesome products for Christmas.
Maple syrup for your Christmas cooking, desserts and pancakes. Also a great gift.
Maple cranberry jelly....hummmm serves well with the turkey.
Maple fruit ketchup, the best condiment to serve with Canadian meat pie.
Impress your guests with Maple and port jelly, serve this with cheese and crackers, great addition to your hors-d'oeuvres.
Maple and Rhum and Maple and Grand Marnier coulis, theses make the perfect gift, also are delicious served with ice cream.

Bossy mama Flaunt October 14

Where will you be on October 14? Join us at the bossy mama Flaunt show.Over 70 vendors, a great day of shopping and pampering.250 free swag bags at the door.Get you Free VIP ticket today and enter to win $1000 of Pandora jewelery and a $1000 value spa package. Contact me today at 993-0980 

Castle Downs farmers market

We will be going to the Castle Downs farmers market on Wednesdays. Come see us and try our delicious unique maple cotton candy, made with real maple sugar. No artificial flavors added. Come see us and say hello!!!

Canadian maple shack at Highland farmers market

We are so exited to announce that we will be part of the Highland outdoors farmers market on 112 avenue every Thursday night all summer. Come and taste on Maple cotton candy and try some of our maple products available for purchase. Maple syrup, maple sugar, maple sugar candy maple hard candy and more.

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